Certificate Program

Degree offered

Certificate of Achievement in Art

Credits required 27


Joanne Preston

Program contact

Erik Durant, Coordinator of and Instructor in Art, ext. 2893

Program Goals Statement

The Art Certificate is an intensive investigation into the student’s choice of applied art. Students design their own program to increase their knowledge of the arts and their competency and skill in various media and methods, and to make their leisure time more enjoyable.

Program Information

All courses are taught by Art faculty.

Students may transfer courses into the Art Transfer degree program.

Students should follow the same sequence of all studio arts courses as recommended for the Art Transfer program.


Students are recommended to confine outside work to no more than 15 hours per week.

Degree Requirements

Program Courses

Choose 27 credits of ART courses with the help of advisor. See the course descriptions for more information ELECTIVE(S) as required

Recommended Course Sequence

Contact your program director, Erik Durant, or your advisor for course sequencing recommendations.

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