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eLearning courses can be fun, exciting, challenging, convenient, and enriching. They can provide a way for you to customize your learning experience to match your educational goals, learning style, and scheduling constraints. Bristol Community College offers three types of eLearning courses:

Web courses, Hybrid (or Blended) courses, and Student Option Enrollment courses.

eLearning courses offer students opportunities to learn in new ways and make learning available to many who cannot attend a traditional class. In general, the successful eLearning student is self-motivated and self-disciplined, is able to communicate effectively through writing, and understands that eLearning courses are just as academically rigorous as traditional courses. eLearning students understand that high quality learning can take place without going to a traditional classroom. If you are not certain whether eLearning is right for you, visit our Web site at http://dl.bristolcc.edu and take our self-assessment.

Web courses allow students to take courses by computer at home, work, or in our computer labs. Most Web courses do not physically meet on campus at any time during the semester. Instruction and interaction occur through the online course environment and may include communication via email, chat, discussion board posts or blogging.

Hybrid (or Blended) courses are a combination of online and face-to-face instruction. Students have regular face-to-face interaction with an instructor and their classmates throughout the semester. They also interact virtually in the online classroom through the use of email, discussion board postings, assignments, and online quizzes and tests.

Student Option Enrollment courses allow students to create a learning environment that is best for them. Students take courses in one of three ways:

Option 1:

Students complete the course as a traditional lecture course where attendance at each class meeting is required.

Option 2:

Students can complete the course completely online.

Option 3:

Students can create a hybrid course by combining traditional lecture sessions with Web-based instruction.

Did you know?

You can complete these BCC programs by taking 50 percent or more of your coursework online.



Business Administration

Complementary Healthcare

Computer Information Systems

Criminal Justice

CIS Forensics

Deaf Studies

Early Childhood Education

Executive Administrative Assistant

General Studies

General Studies, Health Science Option

Legal Administrative Assistant

Liberal Arts

Office Administration, Medical Administrative Assistant

Healthcare Information

Multimedia and Internet



Administrative Assistant

Basic Web Page Development

Computer Programming

Desktop Publishing Technology

ECE Infant Toddler/Preschool

Foundations of C-Print

Information Technology Fluency/Teaching

Law Enforcement

Legal Office Assistant

Multimedia Development

Office Technology Manager


Therapeutic Massage

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