SOC 256 Race Relations

This course provides an examination of the realities and causes of racial inequality in jobs, incomes, schooling, crime, families, the media, and housing.  The course investigates the nature and effects of racial stereotyping and the negative effect of racism on the majority as well as minority groups.  Considerable attention is placed on historical and current efforts to combat racial inequality.  The primary focus of the course is on contemporary forms of racism in the United States.  Prerequisite: a passing score of 68 or higher on the College's Reading placement test and a passing score of 3 or higher on the College's English placement test; or concurrent registration in ENG 090 and/or RDG 090 (formerly ENG 10 and/or RDG 10) and a grade of C or better in RDG 080 (formerly RDG 10).  Three class hours a week. Competency met: Multicultural Perspective (5.3), Social Phenomenon (5.4), Ethical Dimensions (7.0).  Fall.

3 credits
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