SOC 212 The Sociology of Social Problems

This course focuses on the structure and dimensions of social problems confronting populations both in the United States and across the globe. Emphasis is placed on the problems of global poverty, work and unemployment, gender and racial inequities, environmental degradation, crime and drug addictions, disease and health care delivery, civil conflicts, and terrorism. The course attempts to understand the social structural causes of these problems and explores potential solutions. Prerequisite: a passing score of 68 or higher on the College's Reading placement test and a passing score of 3 or higher on the College's English placement test; or concurrent registration in ENG 090 and/or RDG 090 and a grade of C or better in RDG 080. Three class hours a week. Competency met: Global Awareness (5.2), Social Phenomenon (5.4), Ethical Dimensions (7.0) 3 credits Fall, Spring, Summer

3 credits
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