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eLearning courses offer students the opportunity to customize their learning experience to match their educational goals, learning style, and scheduling constraints. In general, the successful eLearning student is self-motivated and self-disciplined, is able to communicate effectively through writing, and understands that eLearning courses are just as academically rigorous as traditional courses.

Bristol Community College offers three types of eLearning courses:

Web courses do not physically meet on campus at any time during the semester. All course work is completed 100% online. Instruction and interaction occur through the online course environment and may include communication via email, chat, discussion board posts or blogging.

Hybrid (or Blended) courses are a combination of online and face-to-face instruction. Students should expect to spend 50% or more of their time completing their coursework in the online environment. Students have regular face-to-face interaction with an instructor and their classmates throughout the semester. They also interact virtually in the online classroom through the use of email, discussion board postings, assignments, and online quizzes and tests.

Student Option Enrollment courses allow students to take the course as a traditional lecture course, 100% online or as a hybrid course (student creates combination of lecture and Web based instruction in consultation with the instructor). Attendance at the first class meeting is highly encouraged for those students unfamiliar with student option or eLearning.

Online Certificates and Degree Programs

82% of all degree programs and 59% of all certificate programs are available 50% or more online.

The following degrees are offered 100% online:


  • Computer Information Systems Information Systems Transfer Program
  • General Studies Career or Transfer Program
  • General Studies Mass Transfer
  • General Studies Technical Studies Transfer Program
  • General Studies Vocational Technical Education Transfer Program
  • Liberal Arts Humanities Option Transfer Program
  • Liberal Arts Professional Option Transfer Program 

The following certificates are offered 100% online:


  • Basic Web Page Development
  • Computer Programming
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Global Leadership
  • Home Health Aide (HHA)
  • Multimedia Development
  • Nurse Aide Training
  • Personal Care Assistant (PCA)

See the Degrees and Certificates page at the front of the catalog for a full listing of our online offerings.

For questions regarding concentration and course selection as well as availability, please contact eLearning.

Students interested in enrolling in an online degree or certificate program follow the same admissions process students who wish to complete their degree in a face-to-face format.

It is highly recommended that students speak with an academic advisor about their education and career goals prior to matriculating into a program.

Financial Aid is available to students regardless of whether they pursue a degree online or on-ground.

Student Services, including access to library resources, tutoring, disability services and technical support are available to students enrolled in eLearning courses and programs.


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