RDG 090 College Reading and Learning Strategies

This course is designed to improve students' critical reading, thinking, and learning strategies. Emphasis is placed on the critical reading skills necessary to understand complex college textbook materials: the ability to identify main ideas and supporting details, make inferences, draw conclusions, and analyze and synthesize information. The course will also cover textbook reading/study strategies needed to read effectively in college content area courses and emphasize reading as a process. As part of the final evaluation, students take a cumulative skills assessment generated by the instructor. Students must earn a C or better class average to pass the class. Prerequisite: C- or better in RDG 080 or appropriate score on the college's placement test; ESL students substitute ESL 123 for RDG 080. RDG 090 credit cannot be applied toward a degree. Grade points earned in this course will NOT be included permanently in the cumulative GPA. Grade points earned in this course WILL be included permanently in the cumulative SPI. Three lecture hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. 3 credits Fall, Spring, Summer

3 credits
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