Business Administration Career/Retail Management Career

Degree offered

Associate in Science in Business Administration (Retail Management Concentration)

Credits required 64/65


William Berardi

Program contact

Cecil Leonard, Department Chair and Professor of Business Administration, ext. 2415

Program Code: BC

Concentration Code: RMN

Program Goals Statement

The Business Administration career program provides training in various organizational functions, critical thinking and the problem-solving skills students need to compete in today’s global business environment. In this option, students can focus on retail management and prepare for entry-level retail management positions. All the Business programs share common courses, so students can switch easily between concentrations.

Student Learning Outcomes

See Learning Outcomes.

Program Information

  • Transfer credits for any course in the Business Administration Department (ACC, BNK, BUS, LSM, MAN, MAR and RMN) must be approved by the Business Administration Department Chairperson.
  • The faculty have years of practical experience in national and global business to make your education relevant to the workplace.

After BCC

  • Graduates work as entry-level retail sales people and assistant managers at retail operations.
  • The career program is designed for students who expect to work in the profession immediately after graduation.

Infused General Education Competencies

Ethical Dimensions, Multicultural Perspective

Degree Requirements

General Courses

CIS 111Introduction to Business Information Systems

3 credits

CSS 101College Success Seminar

1 credit

ECN 111Principles of Economics-Macro

3 credits

ENG 101Composition I: College Writing

3 credits

ENG 102Composition II: Writing about Literature

3 credits

HST 112The West and the World II

3 credits

PSY 101General Psychology

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:19
CSS 101: (or completion of Division 3 First-Year Experience Summer or Intersession orientation or documented First-Year Experience or equivalent)

Choose one of the following

COM 101Fundamentals of Public Speaking

3 credits

COM 114Professional Speaking

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:3

Elective Courses

Elective - Science

3-4 credits

Total Credit Hours:0-4
See General Education Competency Courses - Scientific Reasoning and Discovery for course listings

Core Courses

ACC 101Principles of Accounting I

4 credits

BUS 111Business and Financial Mathematics

3 credits

BUS 251Business Law

3 credits

MAN 101Principles of Management

3 credits

MAR 101Principles of Marketing

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:16

Concentration Courses

MAR 255Advertising Principles

3 credits

RMN 111Retail Management - Principles of Buying

3 credits

RMN 112Retail Management - Merchandising Strategies

3 credits

RMN 114Retail Management - Fundamentals of Fashion and Textiles

3 credits

RMN 115Creative Fashion Presentation, Promotion, and Visual Merchandising

3 credits

RMN 116Retail and Fashion Merchandising Field Study

3 credits

RMN 117Fundamentals of On-Line Retailing

1 credit

RMN 118Workshop in Team Development and Managerial Communications

1 credit

Total Credit Hours:20

Program Electives – Choose one of the following

BUS 112Personal Financial Planning

3 credits

BUS 113Introduction to Business Functions and Practices

3 credits

BUS 253Corporation Finance

3 credits

BUS 155Business Ethics

3 credits

BUS 260International Business

3 credits

MAN 251Human Resources Management

3 credits


MAN 152Purchasing

3 credits


MAN 290Managing an Enterprise

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:3

Recommended Course Sequence - Fall Semester 1

ACC 101, BUS 111, CSS 101, ENG 101, MAN 101, RMN 111

Recommended Course Sequence - Spring Semester 2

ENG 102, HST 112, MAR 101, RMN 112, RMN 114, RMN 117

Recommended Course Sequence - Fall Semester 3

CIS 111, ECN 111, MAR 255, RMN 116, COM 101 or COM 114

Recommended Course Sequence - Spring Semester 4

Program Elective, BUS 251, Science Elective, PSY 101, RMN 115, RMN 118
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