Financial Aid-eligible Certificates

 Financial Aid-eligible Certificates

Credits earned in the certificate programs listed below are eligible for financial aid consideration and may serve as credits in fulfilling an Associate Degree program.  All Associate Degree programs qualify for financial aid consideration.

Accounting (AG)

Administrative Assistance Certificate (OC)

Art (AC)

Computer Forensics (FR)


Computer Programming Certificate (CZ)

Deaf Studies Prep (DD)

Development Disabilities (DV)

ECE Pre-school (EA)

ECE Infant/Toddler (IF)

Electrocardiography (EK)

English/Portuguese Community Interpreting (PI)

Geotourism Destination Management (GT)

Gerontology (GY)

Graphic Design (GD)

Green Building Technology (GB)

Human Services (HV)

Law Enforcement (LW)

Legal Office Assistant (LC)

Marketing (MK)

Medical Assisting (MD)

Coding and Reimbursement Specialist (MC)

Medical Administrative Practices (MP)

Medical Transcription (TM)

Office Skills Training (OK)

Office Support (OS)

Office Technology Management (OM)

Paralegal Studies (PS)

Project Management (PM)

Small Business and Entrepreneurial Management (SB)

Spanish/English Community Interpreting (SI)

Substance Abuse Counseling (SAC)

Surveying (SY)

Sustainable Agriculture (SG)

Thanatology and Funeral Service Prep (TC)

Web Design (WB)





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