HLT 108 Home Health Aide (HHA)

This one-credit course provides additional skills, knowledge, and guidelines for the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). There is a review of competencies covered by way of a pre-test and then a review of unmet competencies. There is a pre-test on body systems along with the role of the CNA in reporting and recording (deviations from normal) in skin or mental status during hygienic care. Reporting and recording is discussed along with the body systems. Topics cover the role of the CNA and the HHA, along with the use of assistive devices, the employee-employer relationship, safety, infection control, and communication, ADL's, privacy, dignity and autonomy. There is more work with safety related to adaptive equipment such as hydraulic lifts and wheelchairs along with natural transfer devices and good boy mechanics for the Certified Nursing Assistant. Good nutrition is stressed along with helping the patient who is on a special diet. Meal preparation, special mouth care, and dentition is discussed. Housekeeping and purchasing supplies is also discussed. Prerequisite: Evidence of CNA course completion. High school diploma or GED and satisfactory completion of either the Certified Nursing Assistant or PCA certificate; CORI clearance; current immunizations and report of physical examination; and evidence of liability insurance. One hour of lecture per week and .33 hours of laboratory per week. 1 credit Fall, Spring

1 credit
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