Tuition and Fees

Tuition and College Fees 

Bristol Community College receives some of its funding from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is subsidized by state tax revenues. This means that students pay only a portion of the total cost of a BCC education.

Tuition and College Fees per credit hour

Massachusetts and nearby Rhode Island residents

Tuition $24/credit
College Fee $170/credit
Total $194/credit

Many nearby eastern Rhode Island residents pay in-state tuition and fee rates under the New England Regional Student Program.  See Admissions for details.

The New England Regional Student Program allows out-of-state students from New England to enroll in BCC programs at in-state tuition if the public colleges and universities in the student’s home state do not offer the program. In addition, the College accepts students for day classes from nearby eastern Rhode Island (Adamsville, Barrington, Bristol, East Providence, Little Compton, Middletown, Newport, Portsmouth, Tiverton, and Warren, RI) at in-state tuition rates. The Admissions office and the NERSP website at have additional information.

All other students

Tuition $230/credit
College Fee $170/credit
Total $400/credit

Tuition is set by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education.

The College Fee portion of the per credit charge is collected from all students and used to pay for general College operations not funded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. These include, but are not limited to, instructional computer equipment, educational supplies, audio-visual aids, library books, and laboratory supplies.

Other required fees

Student Support Fee $37/semester
Registration deposit $50/year
(nonrefundable and applied to the total semester charge)
Registration deposit for students admitted to Nursing and Dental Hygiene Programs $200/year
(nonrefundable and applied to the total semester charge)
Student Health Insurance

$1712 for fall; (subject to change)

(nonrefundable; may be waived)
Insurance cost for the Spring semester only is $1143 (subject to change)
Application fee (nonrefundable)
Massachusetts and nearby Rhode Island residents $10/one time
Out-of-state residents $35/one time
Additional fees as required

Instructional Support Fee

This fee is charged for courses with high personnel, technology, or materials costs. Courses that carry this fee are identified in the course description with the sentence “Instructional Support Fee applies.”

1 credit $9 6 credits $54
2 credits $18 7 credits $63
3 credits $27 8 credits $72
4 credits $36 9 credits $81
5 credits $45

Nursing and Dental Hygiene courses with the NUR or DHG carry a $50 per credit Instructional Support Fee.

Additional program costs (approximate)

Clinical Laboratory Science $700
Culinary Arts $1,250
Dental Hygiene $2,500
Healthcare Information $500
Medical Assisting $500
Nursing $1,770
Phlebotomy $700
Occupational Therapy Assistant $1,440
Therapeutic Massage $500

Tuition may be modified by action of the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education after publication of this catalog. Fees may be modified by the College Board of Trustees. Because of changing costs and/or state and legislative actions, adjustments may be required after publication of this catalog. Bristol Community College reserves the right to make these adjustments, and tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

Estimated costs for a BCC education

The table below gives you an idea of the actual cost of a BCC education for a Massachusetts resident taking 30 undergraduate credit hours over two semesters.

Full operating costs per student $7,500
Less State Operating Subsidy $5,069
Tuition and mandatory fees $3,885
Less direct student aid (avg.) $3,510*
Average net charge to student $2,806
Average federal tax credit (Hope) $1,000
Net student cost $1,806

*Includes tuition and fee waivers and directly-applied institution, state and federal financial aid.

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