Program information

QUEST labs and learning resources are led by skills specialists and QUEST tutors. Students participate in small group study, computer-assisted learning, and mini-lectures. Courses are self-paced, and can be completed in less than a semester or in up to two consecutive semesters, and students may receive extra help during Open Lab hours. All QUEST labs are equipped with Skillsbank and Plato software.

The QUEST Math Lab offers developmental mathematics courses. Students in the Math Lab progress at their own pace to master each topic, with extra support provided if needed.

The QUEST Writing Lab offers both Basic Writing Skills (English 090) and College Writing (English 101). QUEST Writing Lab courses provide a classroom writing experience with additional support services, such as: tutorial support, individualized instruction, and self-paced grammar instruction,

The QUEST Reading Lab offers Fundamentals of Reading Development (Reading 080), College Reading and Learning Strategies (Reading 090), and Advanced English Reading and Vocabulary (ESL 123) in a supported, modified self-paced format. Students work in large groups, small groups, and individually to develop reading skills that they need to succeed in college. Lab support includes one-to-one instruction, computerized curriculum, and Internet research skills. Open Lab hours provide individual assistance for all QUEST students.

The QUEST ESL Lab provides individual support, tutorials, and language practice for students in English-as-a-Second-Language courses. The ESL Lab is located in the Tutoring and Academic Support Center (TASC) and is directed by the ESL skills specialist. Work in the Lab may include the use of audiotapes, computer software, one-to-one or group tutoring sessions, conversation practice, and assistance with writing. All students in ESL are assigned at least one lab hour each week, but most students spend many hours improving their language skills in the TASC. In fact, many ESL students go on to become peer tutors in the TASC.

QUEST Services Eligibility

General Studies Prep students receive priority acceptance to QUEST services, but QUEST is open to eligible students in any program. Students may request information about the QUEST program through the admission process. At the time of placement testing, interested students may apply for participation in the program. Contact Dean Sarah Morrell, QUEST Project Director, at any time about this TRiO Program.

Participation Requirements

Students in the QUEST Program must complete CSS 101, College Success Seminar. QUEST students enroll in a designated course section at no charge. Students are also required to attend QUEST Day Orientation and must allow staff to monitor their academic progress. QUEST students are enrolled in a degree program, are usually attending full-time, and take the majority of their classes before 4 p.m.

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