Grading Policies


Letter grades (A, B, C, D, F, L, N, S, W) are typically assigned. Pluses (+) and minuses (-) may be given at the discretion of the instructor.

In the absence of a stated policy on grading in the course syllabus, the following guidelines will be used to determine the final course grade.

A+=97-100 A=93-96 A-=90-92
B+=87-89 B=83-86 B-=80-82
C+=77-79 C=73-76 C-=70-72
D+=67-69 D=63-66 D-=60-62

Note: Individual faculty, departments, and/or programs may enact more strenuous policies as specified in the course syllabus.

The grades shown below are assigned point values for the purpose of calculating the Grade Point Average (G.P.A.).

Grade Plus (+) Minus (-)

A 4 4 3.7
B 3.3 3 2.7
C 2.3 2 1.7
D 1.3 1 0.7
F -- 0 --

Prior to the 1999-00, academic year differential point values (as shown above) were not assigned to plus (+) or minus (-) grades.

Point values assigned to grades prior to Fall 1999 were:


A+ A A- Superior 4.0
B+ B B- Above Average 3.0
C+ C C- Average 2.0
D+ D D- Below Average 1.0

Failure 0.0
N Course Continuing --

The grade L (given for auditing a course) and S (given by the Division of Developmental Education) carry no points and are not figured into the grade point average. Refer to the section on the following page, “Center for Developmental Education grading policy,” for more details on the S.

Refer to “Withdrawal Policy & Procedure” for the W grade, and to “Auditing a course” for the L grade.

Mid-semester progress reports

Faculty report mid-semester grades for students in day courses doing “C-” or less work at that time. Those students may view their warning grades online and are advised to see an advisor.

Incomplete course work

An Incomplete “I”  grade is given to a student if work in a class is unfinished because of illness, accident, or other unavoidable absence, unless otherwise noted. An incomplete grade may be assigned to a student who has attended at least 75% of the semester.

An Instructor must submit a “Report of Incomplete Grade” Form for each “I” grade assigned. The student must arrange with the Instructor or Academic Divisional Dean in the Instructor’s absence to make up the deficiency. The arrangements should be made no later than the end of the third week of the semester following the receipt of the Incomplete.

To receive credit for the course, the student must complete and turn in the missing work by the last day of class of the semester which follows the semester in which the “I” was received, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon by the student and Instructor. This policy will be applied regardless of whether the student is then enrolled at BCC.

If the work is not completed, the “I” grade will convert to the grade specified by the Instructor on the “Report of Incomplete Grade Form.” If no form has been submitted, the grade will be converted to an “F.”

Grade Point Average

Letter grades are assigned the point values discussed in the section above, “Grades.” The Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) is calculated as follows:

The grade points earned for each course are calculated by multiplying the point value of the grade (from “grades,” previous column) by the number of credits for the course. For example, a “B+” (point value = 3.3) earned in a 4-credit course in Fall ’99 or later earns 13.2 grade points (3.3 points x 4 credits).

The semester’s Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) is calculated by adding the grade points earned in all courses that semester and then dividing by the total credits involved in those course. See example below.

The cumulative G.P.A. is found by adding grade points so far earned in all courses and dividing by the total credits. Courses with grades of “I,” “L,” “S,” “U,” and “W” are not considered.

Calculating your G.P.A.

A student who receives these grades in 3 courses would calculate G.P.A. as follows:




Grade Point

Value Points

1st Course 4 B 3 12
2nd Course 3 C 2 6
3rd Course 3 W 0 0

To calculate the G.P.A. for the example given, add grade points earned (12 + 6) and divide by credits for the courses in which they were earned (4 + 3).

G.P.A. = grade points earned in all courses = 18

total credits in those courses 7=2.57 G.P.A.

Vice President's List

The Dean’s List recognizes students who achieve a semester G.P.A. of 3.2 or better with a load of 12 credits or more and no grade below “C.”

Special grade requirements

Students in Occupational Therapy Assistant, Nursing, Medical Assisting, Dental Hygiene, Early Childhood Education, Phlebotomy, Healthcare Information, Clinical Laboratory Science, Complementary Healthcare, Therapeutic Massage, and Office Administration career programs must meet the special grade requirements of their programs as described in the respective program description.

Students failing to meet these requirements in subject area courses are reviewed at the end of the semester by the program director and faculty teaching the courses. The program director will make recommendations to those students regarding their future course of study and give those recommendations to the vice president of Academic Affairs, the chair of the Academic Standing Committee, and the vice president of Enrollment Services.

Division of Developmental Education Grading Policy

To successfully complete a course in the individualized learning lab (self-paced mode), students must earn a grade of “C-” or better for the three-credit course.

Those who do not complete the learning lab in one semester and who maintain satisfactory progress receive an “S” grade for the non-degree credit developmental course. The “S” grade does not apply toward a degree, and the student must re-enroll in the developmental course.

Students who do not complete a learning lab course in one academic year (two semesters) receive a “F” for the course and do not receive credit. For more information on the Center for Developmental Education, refer to that section in the Quest for Success program listing.

Some courses offered by the Division have additional exit requirements, including demonstration of competency on college tests. Refer to course descriptions for RDG 080, RDG 090; ESL 122, ESL 123, ESL 124, ESL 125.

Developmental coursework will not be computed into the student’s cumulative G.P.A. The credits are also not included in the Student Completion Rate (S.C.R.). A student should meet with an advisor each semester, but especially before attempting to take the same developmental course more than twice.

A two letter grade designation will be used for developmental courses based on the following scale:


A= 4.0








= 2.7















Official grades

Official grades are kept by the Registrar. No grade can be changed without the written approval of the course instructor.

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