HST 114 United States History from 1877

This course is a survey of the American past from 1877 to the present.  It examines the major forces, personalities, events, and institutions that have shaped the American experience to the present.  Topics include westward expansion, industrialization, urbanization, mass immigration, race relations, and the global role of the United States in the 20th and 21st centuries.  Students develop the ability to think, read, and write critically and analytically and to understand the various forms of human interaction through a study of the growth of the United States since 1877.  The course aids students in their efforts to understand the principles of group behavior and how power is wielded in society.  Prerequisite: a passing score of 68 or higher on the College's Reading placement test and a passing score of 3 or higher on the College's English placement test; or concurrent registration in ENG 090 and/or RDG 090 and a grade of C or better in RDG 080 (formerly ENG 10 and/or RDG 10 and RDG 09).  Three class hours per week. Competency met: Historic Awareness (5.1), Global Awareness (5.2), Multicultural Perspective (5.3), Social Phenomenon (5.4), Ethical Dimensions (7.0).  Fall, Spring, Summer.

3 credits
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