2.2 Oral Communication

As speakers, students will develop the ability to:

  1. Articulate and promote ideas in a clear, organized manner that demonstrates critical analysis skills
  2. Use language that is appropriate within and across cultures to address diverse audiences
  3. Demonstrate nonverbal behavior that supports the verbal message
  4. Employ media and technology if appropriate to the communication context
  5. As active listeners, students will develop the ability to:
  6. Maintain focus on the speaker’s verbal and nonverbal messages
  7. Listen respectfully and critically
  8. Provide feedback based on interpretation and evaluation of the message

These courses fulfill General Competency Requirements


COM 101Fundamentals of Public Speaking

3 credits

COM 102Advanced Public Speaking

3 credits

COM 114Professional Speaking

3 credits

COM 120Argumentation and Debate

3 credits

COM 113, COM 118, and COM 160 (Early Childhood, Elementary Ed., Human Services only)

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