Degree offered

Certificate of Accomplishment in Automated Systems with Robotics

Credits required 15/16


Sarmad Saman

Program contact

Mary Cass, Coordinator of Automated Systems with Robotics, ext. 2248

Program Goals Statement

This certificate is to develop the student’s skills to analyze and apply their knowledge of electrical & mechanical systems, as a technician working with engineers on automated systems used in industry and entertainment. Topics will include pneumatics, hydraulic, electrical and mechanical sensors, switches, motors and other automation hardware,  process controllers and programmable logic.

Program Information

  • Work with robotics, automation and or computer controlled systems in industry and entertainment.
  • Work as a technician maintaining and troubleshooting amusement rides and mechanical animation.

Degree Requirements

Program Courses

EGR 113Introduction to Robotics

4 credits

EGR 171Fluid Systems

4 credits

EGR 211Programmable Control Systems

4 credits

Total Credit Hours:12

Choose one of the following

EGR 131Introduction to Electrical Circuits

4 credits

EGR 151Electrical Machinery

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:7

Recommended Course Sequence - Fall Semester 1

EGR 113 and EGR 131 or EGR 151

Recommended Course Sequence - Spring Semester 2

EGR 171, EGR 211

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