Information Technology Fluency

Degree offered

Certificate of Recognition in Information Technology Fluency

Credits required 9


William Berardi

Program contact

Priscilla Grocer, Department Chair and Professor of Computer Information Systems, ext. 2403

Program Goals Statement

This certificate covers the concepts, skills, and understanding needed for students to apply their information technology knowledge to their professional life.

Program Information

  • Curriculum follows Computer Science and Telecommunications Board of the National Research Council guidelines for ensuring basic technology literacy. The third course in this sequence involves a project applying knowledge to your field of interest.
  • This program is available online.
  • This program assumes the online ability to check a Web site and use email.

Degree Requirements

Program Courses

CIT 121Information Technology Fluency I

3 credits

CIT 122Information Technology Fluency II

3 credits

CIT 123Information Technology Fluency III

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:9

Recommended Course Sequence - Fall Semester 1

CIT 121

Recommended Course Sequence - Spring Semester 2

CIT 122

Recommended Course Sequence - Fall Semester 3

CIT 123

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