CUL 100 Introduction to College/Culinary Experience

This course facilitates the new Culinary Arts students' transition to college and the Culinary Arts Program. Students become familiar with the college's resources, begin to make connections with faculty, staff and support services and familiarize themselves with the skills and information necessary to succeed both in College in general and, more specifically, the Culinary Arts Program. By clarifying the values and purposes of higher education in general and the Culinary Arts specifically, students gain an understanding of the skills, tools and competencies needed to be a successful college student overall. As part of this course, students explore and utilize college based technology and resources available at BCC. Students learn to identify and apply their learning styles to and develop their study skills for academic and lab based courses. Students explore and expand their career goals. Students are exposed to the kitchen/bakeshop operation and the equipment, hand tools, and basic skills necessary for success in the Culinary Arts Program. Prerequisite: Open to Culinary Arts Students Only. Passing score on the College's Writing, Reading and Arithmetic placement exams or concurrent enrollment in or prior completion of ENG 090 or MTH 011 or RDG 080 or RDG 090. Instructional Support Fee Applies. Three lecture hours per week. 3 credits Fall, Spring

3 credits
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