CUL 106 Art Skills for the Baker

This course prepares students to present breads, cakes, pastries and other bakery-related items for both a la carte and buffet service in an artistically pleasing manner, digitally record the presentations, and enhance the bakeshop/dessert area. The course emphasizes art skills, which include the creation of three-dimensional dessert plates and platters and centerpieces using form, function, and color; photography skills, which include the use of a digital camera and image-editing software to record images and correct them for improving the professional appearance of dessert plates and platters; and ice-carving skills, which include the art of preparing dessert buffet centerpieces, show pieces, and socles for ice creams and sorbets. Three class hours a week for ten weeks; two class hours and three lab hours per week for five weeks. Instructional Support Fee applies. 3 credits Fall; Day only

3 credits
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