CUL 241 Foodservice Operations and Career Development

In this course students design a complete food-service or bakery operation. This introduces the student to the information necessary to start and run a successful restaurant and/or bakery. Students develop a concept, business plan, conduct a market analysis, plan a menu, recipe costing, write purchase specifications, and design a facility that can adequately meet the project standards. Students create a yearly income balance statement that includes calculated food cost percentages, labor, and over-head expenses. Final project consists of written job descriptions, job specifications, as well as framework for the orientation and training program for their employees. Resume writing and interview principles are reviewed. Pre- or co-requisite: CUL 216 or 256 (formerly CUL 24 or CUL 67) or permission of the program director. Two class hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. 2 credits. Spring; Day only.

2 credits
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