DSC 281 Speech to Text for the Deaf Community Practicum II

This course provides one-semester of introductory field-based experiences providing direct support services for Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing consumer(s) as a transcriptionist/note-taker. Students apply the principles, competencies, and ethics they have acquired to an educational or agency environment. Students must demonstrate their ability to transcribe, summarize, or note-take auditory information, edit and deliver text effectively, and work as a professional part of the support services team. The accompanying seminar provides a forum for students to share reflections, raise questions, and extend their understanding of their future role as a professional in this field. The student is supervised by college faculty and all placements must be approved by the Deaf Studies program coordinator. Prerequisite: DSC 235 and DSC 236 with a grade of C or better; co-requisite: ASL 102 or permission of the Deaf Studies program coordinator. One-quarter hour of lecture per week and four to six hours of laboratory per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. Spring 1 credit

1 credit
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