ECE 260 Play and Early Childhood Curriculum Planning

Students examine the critical role of play in the young child's social, emotional, and cognitive development with particular reference to Greenspan's theory of emotional development and Ruben's theory on friendships. Preschool curriculum planning is based on MA Guidelines for Preschool Learning Standards and is reflective of anti-bias curriculum principles. Attention is paid to individualizing instruction to meet the needs of children with different abilities and disabilities including special needs as well as the gifted and talented. Tools for assessment of learning are introduced. Using the inclusionary and integrated approach. Curriculum planning puts the emphasis on emerging literacy and numeracy skills. Prerequisite: ECE 111, ECE 112, and PSY 252 (formerly ECE 11, ECE 12, and PSY 52), all with a grade of C or better. Three lecture hours per week. 3 credits. Fall, Spring.

3 credits
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