HLT 111 Personal Care Assistant (PCA)

The course provides the student with theory, skills, and ethical guidelines to begin a career as a Personal Care Assistant (PCA). Students learn about the type of assistance that a PCA provides. Topics include: PCA employer/employee contractual relationship and safety; infection control; communication skills; activities of daily living, how to provide physical assistance, the safe use of adaptive equipment, how to provide healthy skin care and comfort measures, while ensuring the privacy and dignity of the client. These competencies are mastered in the laboratory setting. A brief overview of body systems is provided as well as the knowledge needed for supportive care. Prerequisite: High school diploma or GED; CORI check; up to date immunizations and report of physical examination; liability insurance. Four hours of lecture and two hours of laboratory per week, followed by 30 hours of required clinical practicum. Instructional Support Fee applies. 5 credits Fall, Spring, Summer

5 credits
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