MED 206 Medical Microbiology

The course consists of integrated instruction between the College and an affiliated hospital laboratory. This is a comprehensive study of both theory and practical aspects of clinical microbiology. Emphasis is placed on the collection and handling of clinical specimens as well as the primary isolation and identification of the most frequently encountered bacteria pathogenic to humans. Other topics discussed include antimicrobial chemotherapy and host resistance. Prerequisite: BIO 239, CHM 116, MED 102, and MTH 119 (formerly BIO 39, CHM 16, MED 21, and MTH 19) all with a grade of C or better. This course includes 35 hours of lecture and 42 hours of teaching laboratory to be completed at the College during the first half of the semester. The clinical laboratory experience consists of 120 hours to be completed at an affiliate hospital laboratory and 6 hours of clinical seminar during the second half of the semester. Instructional Support Fee applies. Fall 6 credits.

6 credits
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