MTH 021 Foundations of Algebra I

This course is designed for students who need an algebra refresher. The topics included are: operations with signed numbers; evaluating algebraic expressions and formulas; working with polynomials, linear equations and inequalities in one variable; solving word problems, graphing linear equations in two variables; and working with scientific notation. Students who achieve at least one of the following will have demonstrated Introductory Algebra Competency: successful completion of Module 8 or beyond; or a grade of CD or higher in MTH 021; or a score of 72 or higher on the elementary algebra placement exam. Prerequisite: Arithmetic Competency. MTH 021 may not be used to meet the General Education Mathematics competency, nor does it carry degree credit. Grade points earned in this course will NOT be included permanently in the cumulative GPA. Grade points earned in this course WILL be included permanently in the cumulative SPI. Forty-two class hours per semester. Instructional Support Fee applies. 3 Credits Fall, Spring, Summer

3 credits
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