OFP 218 Organic Farming Practicum (Summer)

The summer practicum is comprised of on-farm or field experience that focuses on the typical agricultural practices of the season, including farm management, soil amendments, plant propagation, transplanting, pest and weed control, harvesting, on-farm processing, marketing, record keeping, and livestock care, if available. The specific practices and skills will vary according to the particular host. Approved attendance to relevant professional meetings my also be used as part of the practicum. Students are expected to complete up to two hours of discussion/seminar per week and submit regular reports, a log of their on-site hours and complete a final report. This practicum requires at least 160 hours of supervised fieldwork experience at an approved host site. Prerequisite: OFP 114 or 115. Two lecture hours per week and 160 supervised fieldwork hours per semester. Instructional Support Fee applies. 4 credits Summer

4 credits
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