OTA 111 Introduction to Occupational Therapy

This course provides the foundation of occupational therapy principles and practice, which promote engagement in occupation to support participation in context(s). The foundations, history, and philosophical base of the profession and its personnel are explored. Emphasis is placed on the collaborative role of the Occupational Therapy Assistant and the Registered Occupational Therapist within the larger health care delivery system. The effect of age, gender, race, culture, and environment are discussed. The lab portion of the course provides students with opportunities to clarify their values, learn core values and attitudes, and develop the communication skills and professional behaviors necessary for a career in occupational therapy. The underlying principles of collaboration and lifelong learning are firmly established. Prerequisite: Admission to the OTA program or prior approval of the program director. Co-requisite: BIO 233, HLT 101 or HLT 102. HCI 111 or MAA 101 may be substituted for this requirement. Two class hours and two laboratory or three clinical hours a week. Instructional Support Fee applies. 3 credits Fall, Day only

3 credits
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