OTA 235 Professional Practice Skills

This course focuses on the OTA role in the delivery and management of occupational therapy services. It covers departmental operations, supervisory requirements, personnel development and supervision, quality assurance, documentation of OT services, compliance with regulations, reimbursement, and national and state credentialing requirements. Students discuss legal and ethical responsibilities and integrate values, attitudes, and behaviors congruent with the profession of occupational therapy. The lab component provides experience in clinical reasoning, documentation of the OT process of evaluation, intervention planning, implementation and review, and consumer and professional advocacy skills. Students formulate, analyze, and compare interventions through documentation of clients' engagement in occupation. Prerequisite: OTA 121, OTA 125, and OTA 127 or prior approval of the program director. Two lecture hours and two laboratory hours and three fieldwork hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. 4 credits Fall; Day only

4 credits
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