Early Childhood Education - School Age Child Care

Degree offered

Certificate of Accomplishment in Early Childhood Education/School Age Child Care

Credits required 22


Ulli K. Ryder

Program contact

Ravitha Amarasingham, Ed.D Department Chair-Program Coordinator and Professor of Early Childhood Education, ext. 2593

Program Goals Statement

This certificate program is designed for students interested in working with school aged children in out-of-school time settings such as the YMCA and after-school programs in elementary schools. With the knowledge, training, and skills acquired, it helps students enter and explore their career interest in working with school age children. This certificate folds into the Early Childhood Education - Child Care Careers Associate Degree.

Program Information

  • Course credits apply toward an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education
  • Courses address the knowledge and competencies required for Group Leader position in School Age Child Care Programs (DEEC, CMR7.O)

Program Requirements

Program Courses

ECE 111Introduction to Early Childhood Education

3 credits

ECE 125Social Emotional Development of School-Age Child

3 credits

ECE 222Special Needs in Early Childhood

3 credits

ECE 238School Age Child Care Curriculum Planning

3 credits

ECE 244Parent-Teacher Communications and Partnerships

3 credits

ECE 255Teaching Practicum II and Seminar II: School-Age Child Care Setting

4 credits

ENG 101Composition I: College Writing

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:22

Recommended Course Sequence

ECE 238, ECE 244, ECE 255

Recommended Course Sequence

ENG 101, ECE 111, ECE 125, ECE 222

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