Geotourism Destination Management

Degree offered

Certificate of Achievement in Geotourism Destination Management

Credits required 27


William Berardi

Program contact

John Caressimo, Coordinator and Professor of Culinary Arts, ext. 2111

Program Code: GT

Program Goals Statement

The program provides skills needed for professional tourism planning that guides a community's growth and protects its resources. It focuses on development of sustainable tourism operations that honor a community's values and goals.

Program Information

  • This program offers students the opportunity to develop strong communications, organizational, and critical-thinking skills as well as practical preparation for entry into the Tourism career field.
  • Job opportunities include tour escort, convention and visitors bureau coordinator, tour destination guide, cruise ship employee and corporate travel agent.
  • Students may earn credit in field placements at such sites as Colette Tours, Massachusetts Information Centers, Newport Historical Society, and any other local tourism destination site.
  • All courses are taught by experienced hospitality and tourism industry professionals.

After BCC

  • The program is designed for tourism destination managers, marketers, developers, tour operators, business owners, planners, and others who want to accelerate their careers in tourism development.
  • Graduates may work in local, regional, or national planning organizations.

Program Requirements

Choose one of the following

COM 101Fundamentals of Public Speaking

3 credits

COM 114Professional Speaking

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:6

Recommended Course Sequence - Fall Semester 1

ENG 101, COM 101 or COM 114, MAN 101, BUS 122, BUS 130

Recommended Course Sequence - Spring Semester 2

CED 210, BUS 131, BUS 132, COM 241

General Courses

CED 210Cooperative Work Experience

3 credits

ENG 101Composition I: College Writing

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:6

Core Courses

COM 241Public Relations

3 credits

MAN 101Principles of Management

3 credits

HOS 122Tour Destination and Planning

3 credits

HOS 130Introduction to Geotourism

3 credits

HOS 131Principles of Community Based Tourism

3 credits

HOS 132Geotourism Management

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:18

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