Degree offered

Certificate of Accomplishment in e-commerce

Credits required 20/22


William Berardi

Program contact

Cecil Leonard, Department Chair and Professor of Business Administration

Program Code: ER

Program information

Transfer credits for any course in the Business Administration Department (ACC, BNK, BUS, LSM, MAN, MAR and RMN) must be approved by the Business Administration Department Chairperson.

Program Goals Statement

This certificate provides students with the knowledge to use e-commerce technologies for small business operations. Most of the courses can be transferred to a Business Career associate degree program.

Program Requirements

Program Courses

BUS 152Honors E-Commerce

3 credits

CIS 122Internet Developer

3 credits

CIS 162Applications for Web Development

3 credits

CIT 131Business Creativity

3 credits

Any CIS Course

1-3 credits

ENG 101Composition I: College Writing

3 credits

MAN 154Small Business Management

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:18-21

Electives: Choose 1-3 credits from any CIS course

Choose one of the following

ACC 114Introduction to QuickBooks Pro

1 credit

BUS 115Fundamentals of an Enterprise

1 credit

RMN 117Fundamentals of On-Line Retailing

1 credit

Total Credit Hours:1

Recommended Course Sequence - Fall Semester 1

ACC 114 or BUS 115 or RMN 117 and BUS 152, ENG 101, MAN 154

Recommended Course Sequence - Spring Semester 2

CIS/CIT Elective, CIS 122, CIS 162, CIT 131

Gainful Employment Program Disclosure

In accordance with Federal regulations published in the Federal Register on October 29, 2010, Bristol Community College discloses information about student costs, tuitions, fees and employment statistics to various governing bodies to ensure certification and oversight.

See: Gainful Employment Information

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