The Faculty

Fellow learners committed to teaching

Learning is at the heart of all we do. That love of learning is led by a faculty with advanced degrees and professional experience that translate into real-life preparation for your future. And while their credentials alone make them impressive, it is their commitment to teaching and to the community college student that really sets them apart.

BCC faculty includes published playwrights, business consultants, working artists, active healthcare providers, and many others – professionals who are admired for their expertise. They teach at Bristol Community College because they want to share with you all that they have learned to prepare you for a satisfying future.

Keeping pace with technology

The College’s high-tech labs and courses stay up-to-date with the rapidly changing environment. Ample on-campus computer facilities, updated science labs, wireless access, SMART classrooms, and the latest in teaching technology are just some ways that BCC helps you to take maximum advantage of technology’s power. Technology also enables you to take courses from wherever you are. We have eLearning courses where you can learn via the Web and experience individualized, student-centered instruction. See eLearning elsewhere in this catalog.

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