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The Tutoring and Academic Support Center (TASC) provides tutoring for almost every College course as well as skill-development in general study skills in Fall River, New Bedford, and Attleboro. Academic computing labs can be found for business, sciences, technology, graphic design, health sciences, and other disciplines and give students access to the technology they need to master their material. Technology stays up-to-date, and generous lab hours offer students ample access. Every student receives a free email address for personal and academic use.

Learning made real

Classroom learning infuses practical experience to prepare you for your next step after BCC. Programs incorporate real-time learning experiences, whether you’re working with a local business to develop a website, preparing a marketing proposal, practicing clinical skills, or whatever you can imagine. In most programs you can take advantage of internships, field placements, and optional Cooperative Education positions where you earn wages and credit toward your degree and experience toward your résumé. The College’s Service-Learning program also gives you opportunity to earn class credit for meaningful community experiences that help you and others.

After BCC

As much as you’ll enjoy your time with us, we know you’re preparing to move on. From the moment you step in any learning space, we’ll work with you to plan your next step. With a broad range of student services in financial aid, academic advisement, career planning, transfer counseling, and job placement, we can help you plan your career at BCC to best support your goals–or to help you figure out what those goals should be.

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