Statement of Core Values

Bristol Community College supports the following Statement of Core Values as an expression of its shared beliefs and as a foundation on which to build student success and the practice of lifelong learning.


  • Foster commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth through general and career-specific education
  • Place the needs of learners first
  • Facilitate student success by reducing barriers to educational access
  • Provide support services and a physical environment that foster student success


  • Promote initiative, creativity, innovation, leadership, and outstanding performance in our educational programs and in student performance
  • Practice the highest standards of teaching and learning
  • Advocate and model teamwork, cooperation, and collaboration
  • Improve institutional effectiveness through continuous assessment


  • Provide an environment that fosters respect, fairness, responsibility, trust, and honesty
  • Maintain a governance structure that encourages shared decision making, transparency, and collegiality
  • Provide stewardship and accountability to all constituents


  • Respond to the evolving educational needs of a diverse community
  • Incorporate the diverse life experiences, achievements, and contributions of all members of our community into the college culture


  • Support cultural enrichment and advance economic partnerships throughout our community
  • Collaborate with regional, educational, health     and social service, and business organizations to strengthen our community.
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