BIO 132 Marine Biology

This is a one-semester course designed to provide an introduction to the biology of the marine environment. It incorporates the study of the physical and biological components of the oceans, including the formations of the seas and land masses, physical nature of the oceans, and chemistry of seawater with emphasis on types of marine organisms, the ecology of the marine environment, and man's impact on the ocean and its inhabitants. Field trips may be required as part of the lab component of the course, including one all-day trip on a whale watch boat. Prerequisite: High school chemistry and biology with a grade of C or better or BIO 111 or BIO 121 or SCI 112 or SCI 119 or any CHM course. Three lecture and two laboratory hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. Competency met: Scientific Reasoning and Discovery (3.0) 4 credits Spring, Summer

4 credits
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