PSY 165 Psychology of Learning, Motivation, and Achievement

This course examines the scholarly literature concerning nonintellectual factors related to student success in college and career. The facets covered include the literature on psychological factors, skills, and behaviors that have been found to be positively associated with Grade Point Average (GPA); graduation from college with a baccalaureate degree in a timely manner; and attaining fulfilling work in a professional job upon graduation from college. The relevance of these factors, skills, and behaviors to each student's own success in college and selection of a college major and career is explored through critical analysis and evaluation of them.  The primary focus is on factors affecting each student's own learning, motivation, achievement, selection of a college major, and definition of a tentative career path. Another focus is on learning strategies for helping oneself and others become more successful students.  Prerequisite: A passing score on the College's English placement test or C or better or concurrent enrollment in ENG 090, ENG 091 or ENG 092.  A passing score on the College's Reading placement test or C or better or concurrent enrollment in ENG 091 or RDG 090 and a grade of C or better in RDG 080.  Three lecture hours per week.  Competency met: First Year Experience (9.0).   3 credits Fall, Spring, Summer

3 credits
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