SUS 201 Sustainability, Human Rights, and Climate Justice

This course focuses on the disproportional burdens associated with climate change that experts anticipate will be experienced by poor countries and poor populations, with emphasis on Africa, Asia and Small Island States.  Substantive areas include the causes and consequences of uneven development and climate-driven threats and impacts on agriculture  and food security; ecosystem goods and services; livelihoods and income generation; health, disease and pandemics; water and energy access; sea-rise and built-environmental infrastructure; sociopolitical destabilization, conflicts and terrorism; involuntary displacement and migration; and gender equity. Particular concerns center on international geo-political relations, global interconnectivity, nations' ethical responsibilities toward the poor in the face of climate crises, and transitional mitigation and adaptation responses.  Prerequisite(s):  SUS 102, SUS 104, SCI 110 and HUM 150.  Three lecture hours per week.  3 credits  Fall
3 credits
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