AST 112 Introduction to Astronomy: Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe

This course is a descriptive, conceptual introduction to astronomy as a scientific discipline that focuses on the sun, stars, galaxies, and the universe as a whole. Topics include the properties of light and spectra, telescopes, gravity and orbits, the sun, the nature of stars and their evolution, galaxies and large-scale cosmic structure, and the origin of the universe and its evolution over time. Other important aspects of the course include scheduled observing sessions, discussion of recent discoveries in astronomy and cosmology, and laboratory exercises that reinforce concepts covered. Computer-based labs and other visual aids are used extensively. This course complements the material covered in AST 111 but may be taken independently. High school sciences and basic algebra are recommended. Three class hours and two laboratory hours weekly in a combined lecture/laboratory setting. A few meetings will be scheduled at night for observing with the College's telescope. Instructional Support Fee applies Competency met: Scientific Reasoning and Discovery (3.0) 4 credits Fall, Spring, Summer

4 credits
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