CHM 235 Organic Chemistry I

Part one of a two-semester science majors level course on the facts and principles of chemistry as they apply to carbon-based compounds.  The course has a mandatory lab that complements the lecture.  Topics include re-emphasis of lab safety, mixture separation techniques; spectroscopy; Lewis, Valence and Molecular orbital bonding theory; representing organic compounds; acid-based theory; relationship between structure and properties including polarity, stability, acidity and physical properties; stereochemistry; nomenclature; patterns in the physical and chemical properties of aliphatic cyclic and acyclic alkanes, alkenes, alkyl halides and alcohols; applying the principles of thermodynamics, kinetics and mechanism to substitution, addition, redox and elimination reactions.  Prerequisite: CHM 114 with a grade of C or better.  Three lecture hours and three laboratory hours per week.  Instructional Support Fee applies.  
4 credits  Fall, Spring, Summer
4 credits
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