OTA 117 Psychosocial Performance

This course explores the role of the Occupational Therapy Assistant in various service delivery models in the psychosocial area of Occupational Therapy practice. Students learn selected frames of reference, concepts of mental health and mental illness across the life span, and the effects of psychosocial dysfunction on areas of occupation. Client factors, therapeutic interaction concepts and skills, and occupational therapy process and methods are studied. Lab sessions incorporate the theoretical principles presented in lecture. Students learn to analyze activity demands relative to performance skills and contexts in areas of occupation. The therapeutic media component of the lab provides additional opportunities to demonstrate understanding of the meaning and dynamics of occupation by leading and/or evaluating activity groups utilizing purposeful activity. Prerequisite: Admission to the OTA program or permission of the program director. Pre- or co-requisite: PSY 101. Three lecture hours and two laboratory hours. Instructional Support Fee applies. 4 credits Fall, Day only

4 credits
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