PLB 102 Principles and Methods of Phlebotomy

This course explores the history of phlebotomy and related topics necessary for the phlebotomist to work in a clinical laboratory or other medical setting. A continuation of MED 101, it covers a variety of topics at a more advanced and in depth level, including anatomy and physiology of the vascular system, CPR training/certification, computer applications, arterial/venous and capillary specimen procurement, as well as maintenance of equipment used in specimen collection. Also covered are difficult draws, ECG testing, microbiological specimen processing, blood donor collection, glucose POC testing, and routine computer applications. Prerequisite: MED 101. Open to students enrolled in Phlebotomy Certificate Program only. This course includes 45 hours lecture/lab to be completed at the College during the first half of the semester, and 120 hours of phlebotomy experience at an affiliate agency during the second half of the semester. Instructional Support Fee applies. 4 credits Spring; Day only

4 credits
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