Office Administration/Legal Administrative Assistant - Learning Outcomes

  1. Keyboard at an average minimum rate of 40 words per minute based on the average of five 5-minute timings with no more than five errors while using correct keyboarding technique.
  2. Demonstrate proofreading and text editing skills to include formatting, spelling, confusing words, punctuation, grammar, numbers, capitalization, possessives, and clear/concise writing.
  3. Explain the use of the Microsoft Office suite of programs and other legal specialty software in law office management and in the production of legal materials.
  4. Prepare a variety of court and non-court legal documents from hard copy or voice recording using the most appropriate software.
  5. Explain the role and importance of ethical standards for attorneys and legal office professionals and sanctions for violations.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to perform the basic duties of a legal administrative assistant/legal secretary.
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