Hospitality/Event Planning and Management - Learning Outcomes

    1. Show basic understanding of the many details needed to plan and orchestrate events by participating in the planning of up to three on-campus functions presented by the Culinary Department according to accepted industry standards and the satisfaction of the instructor.
    2. Illustrate an understanding of basic security procedures to protect the assets of the special event facility by preparing written plans and procedures for a new employee to follow.
    3. Demonstrate the ability to analyze and evaluate expenses related to a special event facility to maximize revenue by preparing the P & L sheet for the events they are involved in during the semester.
    4. Outline the techniques needed to deliver excellent customer service and demonstrate their practice at events according to acceptable hospitality standards.
    5. Demonstrate knowledge and skills required to plan a major special event utilizing fine dining techniques by planning the semester event according to acceptable professional standards and teh satisfaction of the instructor.

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