Dental Hygiene - Learning Outcomes

  1. Discern and manage ethical issues of dental hygiene practice in a rapidly changing environment.
  2. Acquire and synthesize information in a critical, scientific, and effective manner.
  3. Contribute to improving the knowledge, skills, and values of the profession.
  4. Provide planned educational services using appropriate interpersonal communication skills and educational strategies to promote optimal health.
  5. Initiate and assume responsibility for health promotion and disease prevention activities for diverse populations.
  6. Systematically collect, analyze, and accurately record baseline data on the general, oral, and psychosocial health status of patients using methods consistent with medico-legal principles.
  7. Discuss the condition of the oral cavity, identify actual and potential problems, etiological and contributing factors, and available treatments.
  8. Provide treatment that includes preventive and therapeutic services designed to achieve and maintain oral health and assist the patient in achieving oral health goals.
  9. Evaluate the effectiveness of planned clinical and educational services and modify as necessary.
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