What can you find at Bristol Community College?


Find the tools you need to make a great future. Compare our resources, our faculty, and our services to those of other colleges – there’s no better choice for getting started and getting ahead. Students of all abilities can find their way at BCC. In Fall 2012, 9,022 students enrolled here.

Affordable costs

We’ve all heard the stories on the news about the high cost of education. Well, not at Bristol Community College! This year, a full-time (30 credits) course load at BCC costs about $5,200 -- the same as last year! Compare that to other public or private colleges. You’d save a lot of money by spending your first two years of a four-year degree at BCC. Major magazines, including U.S. News and World Report and Fortune, say that community colleges are the best way to get the most for your college tuition.

The path to transfer

Earn the first two years of a four-year degree at Bristol Community College, and you are likely to find yourself actively recruited by great colleges and universities. Students who earned an associate degree at Bristol have transferred to Brown University, Northeastern University, University of Massachusetts, Bridgewater State University, Bryant University, Wellesley College, Roger Williams University, Boston University, New York University, Providence College, and many others. Many colleges offer special scholarships and financial aid for community college graduates.

How can you connect? At Bristol Community College

More and more high-achieving students find Bristol Community College a great choice. For these competitive students we have an active Commonwealth Honors Program, where students build one-on-one mentoring relationships with faculty, and the Presidential Scholars program that helps connect transfer students to selective colleges.

If you have dreamed about college but think it can’t be done, take a look at BCC. It will be hard work – possibly the greatest challenge you’ve ever faced.

Our students demonstrate that it’s all worthwhile.

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