ENG 092 Composition I: Studio

This course is designed to accompany ENG 101: College Writing. Students enrolled in this course should also be enrolled in ENG 101, with the same instructor. Course content of Composition I Studio is designed to supplement classroom activities and assignments in ENG 101. Students will work on generating and organizing ideas, drafting, revising, and editing in small groups as well as with one-on-one support from their instructor.  Prerequisite: A passing score on the College's Reading placement exam or passing grade in RDG 090, and a passing grade in ESL 124 or a passing score on the College's English Placement exam.  Required Co-requisite: Designated ENG 101 section.  Three lecture hours per week.  Instructional Support Fee applies.

3 credits Fall, Spring

ENG 092: Composition I Studio may not be used to meet the General Education English requirement, nor do the credits apply toward a degree. Grade points earned in this course will not be computed into the student's GPA.

3 credits
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