Nursing - Learning Outcomes

  1. Applies concepts and principles from nursing, from the physical and behavioral/social sciences, and from general education (humanities, math and history) in analyzing data and making judgments in the practice of nursing.
  2. Provides care to patients throughout the life span by applying the nursing process in assisting the patient to maintain or regain homeostasis when threatened by common health problems.
  3. Utilizes verbal and nonverbal modalities to communicate with patients, families, significant others, and health team members.
  4. Provides patient teaching by assessing the need for information, implementing short-range teaching plans, and evaluating the patient's response.
  5. Manages care for a group of patients in a structured setting by prioritizing care and by utilizing the skills of other health team members.
  6. Functions as a member within the discipline of nursing by practicing legally and ethically and by selecting resources and activities for continued development in the nurse role.
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