Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning

Students will develop the ability to:

  1. Use deductive thinking to solve mathematical problems and to determine the reasonableness of their results
  2. Use a variety of problem-solving strategies that exhibit logical thinking
  3. Communicate findings both in writing and orally using supportive mathematical language and symbolism with supporting data or graphs
  4. Identify, understand and engage in mathematics as well as make well-founded mathematical judgments as a constructive, concerned, reflective citizen (quantitative literacy)

These courses fulfill General Competency Requirements


MTH 119Fundamental Statistics

3 credits

MTH 125Modern College Mathematics

3 credits

MTH 127Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers I

3 credits

MTH 131Elements of College Mathematics

3 credits

MTH 152College Algebra

3 credits

MTH 251Fundamental Business Statistics

3 credits

BUS 111 (Business Career, Culinary Arts, Office Admin only)

MTH 111 (FIR only)

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