History A2B MassTransfer


Rosario Basay, Ph.D.,  Department Chairperson of History and Social Sciences and Assistant Professor of Economics, Rosario.Basay@bristolcc.edu

History is a comparative study of past societies and cultures.  It examines the major forces, personalities, events, and institutions that have shaped our world to the present.  Through critical thinking and analysis, historians strive to understand the principles of group behavior and social organizations and how power is wielded in society.

History is a MassTransfer A2B Mapped Program with Massachusetts State Universities and Universities of Massachusetts.  When choosing electives, complete an A2B Program search at www.mass.edu/masstransfer to determine available transfer institutions and to ensure all credits will be transferred and applied to your degree.


To complete the History A2B Program, students should complete the requirements for the Liberal Arts - Behavioral & Social Sciences Concentration, including the following required Foundational Courses.

Foundational Courses

HST 111The West and the World I

3 credits

HST 112The West and the World II

3 credits

HST 113United States History to 1877

3 credits

HST 114United States History from 1877

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:12
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