Liberal Arts and Sciences/Theatre Transfer

Degree offered

Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts & Sciences (Theatre Concentration)

Credits required 60


Shirin Edwin, Ph.D. 

Program contact

David Ledoux, Theatre Director and Professor of Theatre/English, ext. 2440

Program Code: LA

Concentration Code: LAT

Program Goals Statement

The focus of this program is to establish a strong foundation in the fundamentals of professional theatre-making.  This program is designed to provide hands-on training where students can learn their craft experientially.  Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to transfer to a four-year institution and/or begin working professionally. A rigorous course of study that prepares students for the competitive demands of the professional world is met with an inclusive, safe, and nurturing space for artistic exploration and personal growth.

Student Learning Outcomes

See Learning Outcomes


  • Plan to give time to learn your craft. Developing theatre skills is demanding. You will be an active part of your education. Plan your studies to include extracurricular involvement in theatre work.

After BCC

  • BCC participates in the statewide MassTransfer program and has developed many program-to-program transfer articulation agreements which guarantee admission and credit transfer. For a complete listing of eligible MassTransfer programs and current BCC articulation agreements, visit Transfer Affairs website at

Infused General Education Competencies

Multicultural Perspective, Oral Communication

  • Many students have continued studies in theatre at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, Hofstra University, Marymount Manhattan College, Emerson College, Brown University, Rhode Island College, University of Rhode Island, Bridgewater State College, North Carolina School of Arts, and others.
  • Alumni have worked in all aspects of theatre performance and administration locally and nationally.

Degree Requirements

Choose one of the following

MTH 119Fundamental Statistics

3 credits

MTH 125Modern College Mathematics

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:3

General Courses

ENG 101Composition I: College Writing

3 credits

ENG 102Composition II: Writing about Literature

3 credits

HST 111The West and the World I

3 credits

PSY 101General Psychology

3 credits

SOC 101Principles of Sociology

3 credits

ELECTIVE - Social Science

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:15-18

Elective Courses – Choose one Science and one Lab Science elective

Lab Science Elective

4 credits

Science Elective

3-4 credits

Total Credit Hours:0-8

See Transfer Electives and Recommendations - Science Electives for course listings and choose a four credit lab science

Program Courses

THE 101Introduction to Theatre

3 credits

THE 102Theatre Colloquium

1 credit

THE 112Introduction to Acting

3 credits

THE 113Acting: Scene Study

3 credits

THE 117Theatre History - The Early Years

3 credits

THE 118Theatre History - The Modern Years

3 credits

THE 124Theatre Design

3 credits

THE 136Stagecraft (Spring)

3 credits

THE 212Acting: Voice, Movement, and Style

3 credits

THE 213Acting: Theatre to Film

3 credits

THE 290Theatre Capstone

1 credit

Total Credit Hours:29

Recommended Electives

MTH 119

MTH 125

THE 214

THE 121

ENG 258

ENG 230

COM 157

PSY 254

SCI 110



Program Elective (Choose one)

COM 157Television Production

3 credits

ENG 230Film

3 credits

ENG 258Shakespeare: His Plays

3 credits

THE 121Voice Production

3 credits

THE 214Playwriting

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:3

Recommended Course Sequence - Fall Semester 1

ENG 101, THE 101, THE 102, THE 112, THE 124, SOC 101

Recommended Course Sequence - Spring Semester 2

ENG 102, PSY 101, THE 113, THE 117, THE 136 

Recommended Course Sequence - Fall Semester 3

MTH 119 or MTH 125, Social Science Elective, HST 111, THE 118, *THE 212

Recommended Course Sequence - Spring Semester 4

Science Elective, Lab Science Elective, *THE 213, *THE 290

Choose one of the following: 

THE 214, ENG 258, THE 121, COM 157, ENG 230

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